Friday, September 14, 2012

The Mother of all photo posts!

Yep, that's right. I finally uploaded all of my pictures from the last 8 months onto my computer. And I actually found 5 minutes to get on said computer and write a post from here instead of my handy-dandy iPad. Without further is what the last several months have looked like.

Random face paint at home. Why not?

Portsmouth Children's Day.

Planting a tree on Mother's Day


A trip to the park

Obsessed with buttons...for a while we couldn't keep him away from the base of the blender!

 Fishing lessons with Pa!

Strawberry picking, er eating!

Roadtrip from Brody's point of view.

York's Wild Animal Kingdom.

A visit with Grampy!

A very (VERY) pregnant Auntie Laura!

Sideways angry bird cupcakes for Brody's 5th birthday.

Jameson checking out Harper!

Jameson very suspicious that we're going to take away the rest of his snack. You can see he is much relieved in the next picture that we in fact added to his tray instead of taking away!

The boy and his dog. These two are ridiculous together. They spend hours just rolling around on the floor giving out love!

StoryLand with Brody for his 5th birthday. A day with just the three of us! It was fun, but at the end of the day we were all ready to go home and see Jameson!

Because I'm a stormwater geek, I just can't resist taking pictures of things like this that I see when I'm driving. The colors are quite stunning. Yes, this is a pond. Can you say nutrient problem!! Yikes!

And a quick shout out to my new nephew! Welcome to the world baby Tayeson! Your mother has never worked so hard before in her life as she did to get you here! Be good to her and start sleeping through the night real soon!

Possibly the coldest summer day on the beach in the history of summer beach days!

 Brody was too busy playing with his cousin Drew so there are very few pictures of him except this one, where we attempted to get all of the grandchildren together!

A shot of us (well JJ and Ryan anyway) eating breakfast in the new camper! Our first adventure wasn't really camping...we parked in Pat & Ev's driveway! Still, it was a good test run. Both boys got whopping colds and it was freezing at the beach, but somehow we still managed to have a fabulous time!

Brody's first day riding the bus to school. No hesitation at all. I had to yell after him to turn around so I could get his picture!

Quick trip to Beech Hill Farm. Apparently I didn't get the memo for red shirts and blue shorts! Way to leave Mama out of the loop guys!

And that has caught you up on your life in pictures. We're headed to Elacoya State Park this weekend to do a little camping and hike Mount Major. We've also got a camping trip the following weekend at Hampton State Park. So stay tuned for photos...since I now have purged my camera's memory card of the last 8 months...I'm good to go!